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Friday, June 11, 2010

Marshmallows fondant

Ready to used fondant is easy and more reliable to use but it is cheaper to make it yourself.

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300 g of  marshmallows, any Brand, cut into small pieces/mini marshmallows

1  tsp vanilla extract or any other flavours you like (option).
1 Tbsp water
340-400 g  icing sugar, sifted before using it
1-2 tbsp of Crisco Vegetable shortening

1/4 tsp  gumtex

1. In a steel bowl . Fill with cut marshmallows, vanilla and water

2. double boil, Stir until completely melted. about 5 minutes,
3. Stir until it combine well, and it looks  soupy.
4. remove it. and let it cool for 5 minutes
5. In the meantime sift 400 g icing sugar and 1/4 tsp gumtex, minimum twice.
6. Spread some Crisco on a clean surface, and on your hands to prevent sticking.
7. Pour the sifted icing on top of the surface with Crisco,  make a mountain shape icing sugar, make a well in the centre, and pour in the melted marshmallow, then knead the marshmallow mix, as if you are kneading "bread"until it form a pliable dough forms. coat a thin layer of crisco on it.
8. You'll need to judge consistency at this stage. If it's too sticky, knead in more icing sugar.
9. Wrap the marshmallow fondant in cling film (3 layers) and put it into a Ziploc bag , keep in a airtight container, set it aside the best is over night. Don't worry if it's a little soft at first. Once it sets, it will get firmer. Don't put inside the refrigerator.
10. Knead again before using, adding more sifted icing sugar if necessary.

Yield 600g of fondant.

here are some cake decoration using marshmallows fondant

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