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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Born in Sumatra, YES this one of my favourite  childhood delicacy
Bahasa Indonesia klik SINI

You need :
1 pack of Chi Chong fun, cut into 1.5 cm thickness, steam for 5 minutes.

The coconut gravy:
into a chopper, finely chopped:
50 g shallots
20 g garlic
30 g candle nuts
1/2 tsp prawn paste (balacan)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp water

3 pcs Indonesia bay leaves (daun salam)
1 pcs of lemongrass
1 cm of galangal/ blue ginger
3 cups (720 ml) water

200 g mackerel fish, steam , deskinned, deboned, by using a spoon press the cooked fish meat until it become very fine.

200 ml/1 box of kara coconut cream
salt to taste

fried onion for garnishing

Method :
1. bring to boil the finely chopped ingredients with  bay leaves, lemongrass, galangal and 750 ml water.
2. add in fine cooked mackerel fish
3. add in  Kara coconut cream, lower the heat to medium, stir constantly until it simmering, add salt to taste.
4.put the cut chi chong fun in the bowl, pour in the coconut gravy, garnish with fried onion, serve hot.

Mango sticky rice

Thai delicacy, a must have dessert if you are visiting Thailand
Bahasa Indonesia Klik SINI

200 g glutinous rice
240 ml water
30 g sugar
20 ml coconut milk
3 pandan leaves
80 ml coconut milk
1 tsp granulated sugar
2 Thai honey mango
Method :
1. soak the glutinous rice for at least 4 hours

2. boil  the soaked glutinous rice with, 30 g sugar, 240 ml water, 20 ml coconut cream, 3 pandan leaves, stir it until all the water absorbed. let it cool
3. in another pan with lid, boil the water,  place a bowl with half cooked sticky rice and steam it for another 20 minutes, or until  the rice is translucent.
4. using medium heat, simmer  80 ml of coconut milk wirh 1 tsp of sugar, stir constantly.
5. cut the honey mango, serve with sticky rice and spoon some coconut milk on top of it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

GARI - Pickled ginger

GARI is pinky pickled young ginger and a traditional accompaniment to Sushi and sashimi, add a little bit of red food colouring or a slice of uncooked beet to create the lovely pink colour.


- 2 jars, pour in hot water to sterilized
- 60 g fine salt
- 220 g granulated sugar
- 125 ml water
- 240 ml rice vinegar
- 500 g fresh young ginger, thinly sliced, sprinkle with salt, stand for 1 hour, rinse under cold water to remove salt
- 1 or 2 drop red food colouring ( a slice of uncooked beet)

1. Bring to boil salt, sugar and water. removed from the stove, add in rice vinegar. add food colouring , set aside, let it cool

2. divided sliced young ginger equally into two jars , pour in cooled vinegar, sugar mixture, seal jar and keep in the refrigerated for one week and enjoy own prepared GARI.
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