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Sunday, February 24, 2013

ABC (apple beetroot carrot) Juice

Try this Juice first time at Old airport Rd Hawker centre.  Bahasa Klik SINI
Beetroot has been linked with better stamina, improved  blood flood and lower blood pressure. It is also said that drinking beetroot juice increases blood flow to the brain in older people, which may be able to fight the progression of dementia. Beetroot has a sweet and earthy taste , that's why it's so difficult to persuade my family member to eat it, but by blending it with apple and carrots, It taste yummy.

Yield 2 cups
400 G beetroot, skinned
4 apples
2 carrots

Method :
1. Wash all the fruits, cut into chunk
2. Blend all of them with a Juice extractor, n drink immediately.

Drink Moderately.

notes : Side efefcts of eating  too much beetroot

- It can turn urine pink , which can be mistaken for blood in urine
- If you get kidney stone because of too much calcium, you may be advised to cut down on oxalates in your diet. Beetroot is just one food which contains oxalates, which prevent calcium from being absorbed by your body allowing it to build up as stones in the kidney.

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