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Friday, May 23, 2014

Sayur Asam (Sour Soup)

Indonesian Famous sour soup, easy to prepare and fat free.
Sayur asam

 in a chopper,chop until fine
25 g raw peanut
40 g shellots
7 g garlic
50 g red big chilly, remove the seeds if you don't like spicy food
50 g palm sugar( gula malaka)
5 g shrimp paste
8 g salt
20 g sugar
90 g tamarind,  soak with 3 tbsp of water, work the mixture with your finger tips. remove stones.
20 g galangal,  (blue ginger)crush 
5 pcs indonesia bay leaves (daun salam) 
2 1/2 litres of water for the soup

Cabbage and longbean
young corns
wash n rinse the vegetables under running water
- 500 g corn, old or young, cut into 3 cm long
- 500 g chayote, cut into cube od 2X 1 X 1 cm
- 200 g young jack fruit, cut into 2 X 2 cm
- 200 g longbean, cut into 3 cm
- 200 g cabbage, divided into smaller pieces
or any type of vegetables that's availabe  at your place

method :
1. bring to boil 2 1/2 litres of water and  crushed galangal, Indonesia bay leaves
2. add in the finley chopped ingerdients,  bring it to boil, taste it, is it suit your taste?
3. lower the vegetabels that need more time cook, such as corn, chayote and young jack fruit, boil until it cook.
4. add in long bean
5. cabbage should be the last to be add in
turn off the stove, it is best to be serve 4 hours later.

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